Laura Cramer (nee Rackard) grew up on the unspoilt coastline of southern Ireland. Craving adventure, she moved to Denmark where she studied Russian at the Slavic Institute of Copenhagen. Her career path was dramatically altered whilst on a field trip to Moscow in 1991 as she witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union. Deciding to stay and watch history unfold, it was during this time, that Laura discovered her passion for painting. She had the good fortune to work with three prominent Russian artists: Evegeny Lanceray, Yuri Konenyenko and Yuri Koval. Yuri Koval, who was a painter and author, told her to "paint what you see... and a little bit more." These words encouraged and fostered the artistic freedom and inspiration that she finds in the abstract subjects that she loves creating.

Her commissions are varied. From producing visual artwork to accompany musical performances at St George’s Concert hall, to painting public art sculptures for the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal. Laura's current work takes inspiration from the spontaneity of landscape and the abstractions within this wonderful subject matter.